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Toys"R"Us Customer FAQ

When did Toys"R"Us relaunch in UK?

The Toys"R"Us website first went live in September 2022 with a 'soft launch'.

Are you the same company as Toys"R"Us prior to 2019?

No, there is no connection to the original company.

Toys"R"Us at WHSmith Customer FAQ

Will the pricing online and in store be the same?

No. The Toys"R"Us shop-in-shops will reflect the high street competitive set and will not necessarily match Toys"R"Us online pricing.

Can a product bought online be returned in any WHSmith store?

No. To get help for an item bought online at Toys"R"Us customers should visit toysrus.co.uk and use the Contact Us link as it is the best way to receive the required Customer Service and organise shipping for an item that might need to be returned.

Can a product bought at one of the 9 Toys"R"Us shop-in-shops be returned in any WHSmith store?


Will I be able to buy the entire online range at a WHSmith Toys"R"Us shop?

No, the shops will feature a curated and focused range of toy products that will be refreshed and updated throughout the season.

Where can I find out more information about new shop-in-shop openings?

For more information about the launches and grand opening events, visit www.toysrus.co.uk/storefinder