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Frequently Asked Questions - Some of the most commonly asked business queries

What discounts do you offer?

To see discounts for bulk orders click here.


Can I buy products as well as Gift Cards?

Yes, we have a vast array of online products and great Gift Cards to choose from.


Are Gift Cards redeemable online?

Yes Gift cards purchased in the UK can be either used in store, or online at or


Do you offer Gift Cards on a sale or return basis?

Our Gift Cards are not available on a sale or return basis


How do I apply for a business account?

Click here to apply for a business account.


Can I add Toys R Us as a supplier on our procurement system?

Should you require additional details about us to set us up as a supplier on your procurement system we will be more than happy to supply this, please contact us with your requirements.


Is there a minimum account spend?

Please ensure your business order meets the minimum value of £50 before ordering.


Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Orders can only be placed from and delivered to UK Mainland and Northern Ireland addresses.


At this time, we do not have the ability to have orders placed on delivered to international addresses. However, the following websites are able to deliver to the countries they are located in: