Baby Nursery Guide



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How to swaddle

Some babies like to be swaddled – wrapped in a thin sheet or wrap like the Gro Swaddle, which keeps them snug, as they were in the womb. Don't let them overheat and never wrap too tightly.

Hot to swaddle

Step one...

Place your baby on a comfortable flat surface, on top of the swaddle. Their feet should be in line with the bottom seam.

Step two...

Adjust the top so that it will wrap nicely around your baby without covering their mouth.

Step three...

Fold the bottom fap up and over them. Fold in the shorter wing.

Step four...

Wrap the longer wing around them then pick them up and give them a cuddle. You can leave their arms outside as they get older.

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Baby nusery ideas

Baby nusery ideas

1. Measure up your nursery space

Write down all your nursery room dimensions before you start shopping for furniture.

2. Choose your furniture

Choose carefully, if you have space and the budget, why not choose a cot that converts to a bed for extended use.

Read our cotbed guide to help you choose the perfect cot for you and your baby.

3. Choose your colours

Choose a soothing palette for the room and add stimulating colours with decorations, that way you can update as your baby grows.

4. Factor in lots of storage

Choose plenty of storage if you can. Changers can be used for baby's clothes and toys, as a dresser, and finally as drawer storage as they grow up.

5. Just add style

This is the fun part! Add your style to the nursery by selecting quality bedding and accessories, to create the perfect environment for your baby. We have a wide selection of designs and accessories to suit all tastes and budgets.Whichever range you choose, you will have fun creating your dream nursery!

Baby nusery decor<

Baby nusery decor

Create a colourful haven for your little one with stimulating colours and patterns that will bring your nursery to life. Look out for our new range of bright sheets in hot pink, orange and aqua.

We also have new 'Cottonette' sheets exclusive to Babies 'R' Us. Supersoft smooth cotton designed to keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the Summer.

Baby under 1 years old

Do not use a quilt, fleece blanket or pillow.

In a room at 18ºC

Use a sheet and two blankets or a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. Adjust if it's warmer or cooler. Is baby warm enough? Touch the back of his neck, as hands often feel icy.

Need a bedding starter kit?

This is all you will need for one set on the bed whilst the other one is in the wash: 2 fitted sheets and 3-4 blankets or 2 fitted  sheets and 2 tog rated sleeping bags.


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Baby sleep advice

Baby sleep advice


You've sung the lullaby and drawn the blackout blind, but your little one still won't nod off. That's because babies aged 12 weeks and under have no concept of the difference between night and day.It's normal, just go with the flow!


The golden rule is not to do too much that's new in any one day. Defnitely don't introduce your baby to anything unfamiliar in the run-up to bedtime.


It doesn't matter what your routine is, what matters is that you do the same things every night.



If you let a baby nap when she wants to, the better her sleep routine will be. Next time your baby is snoozing during the day, join her. It's not the beauty sleep you're used to, but those extra naps will help all of you feel better.



The best thing to do is to go about your business as normal when your baby's asleep. The quicker she gets used to it, the easier she'll fnd it to sleep through it in the future and it'll make it easier for you too.

Read our cotbed guide for more sleep safety tips for baby.