Environment Commitment

Toys R Us is committed to running its business in a responsible manner with integrity and respect for the environment, which will minimise the impact of our operation on the environment. Our impressive range of packaging has been carefully designed to be fully recyclable or degradable.

  • We are embracing the Carbon Reduction Scheme and are striving to reduce our carbon output by 2½% year on year
  • Our aim is to use our resources efficiently and proactively seek and utilise the latest technology to achieve energy efficiency
  • We are reducing waste by re-using and recycling wherever possible
  • We use best practice freight methods when moving goods
  • We are focusing on long term benefits, rather than short term costs
  • We work with suppliers who demonstrate a shared view to our environmental objectives
  • We engage with all our employees to secure their commitment to our goals
  • We are committed to continuous improvement to achieve our environmental goals. Our fulfillment centre has attained IS0 1401 Accreditation. The ISO accreditation was awarded for a working and proven environmental management system.

Our Online Operation

Green Packaging

Increasing usage of greener packaging has been on the agenda at Toys R Us for a number of years. We use stronger but lighter boxes that provide better protection to our products whilst reducing the amount of cardboard being used. Should the whole packaging industry follow suit, carbon emissions related to packaging transportation would be reduced by over 30%!

Toys R Us use a number of green packaging products, including:

  • Green bubble mailer - the outer paper is recycled and everything is recyclable and degradable
  • Green bubble wrap - this is significantly recycled and is also recyclable
  • Green stretch wrap - the cardboard tube has been replaced with a re-usable plastic handle
  • Green void fill - we are hoping to move away from filling our orders with paper to protect your purchases. Instead, we are looking at a number of new greener solutions

We hope to reduce our packaging usage by 40 tonnes in the coming year.

Recycling our Packaging

In addition to buying recycled and recyclable packaging, all of the excess day to day packaging used in our fulfilment centre is compacted, bailed and collected by a local recycling company. Our aim is to increase recycling waste and reduce land fill waste by 5% every three months of the year.