Affiliates Terms and Conditions


NO PPC activity is allowed on the affiliate programme (including brand or generics or using landing pages).

Any affiliate found to be driving traffic from PPC will be immediately removed from the programme and commissions will be declined.

Unless specifically agreed in writing with Toys R Us, affiliates must not:

    • Bid on the '' or '', or any misspellings, or appear on brand searches for example: '' 'toysrus' 'toys-r-us' 'toys r us' 'toysareus' 'toys-are-us' 'toys are us' 'wwwtoysrus' '' 'babysrus' 'babiesrus' 'babys-r-us' 'babies-r-us' 'babys r us' 'babies r us' 'babysareus' 'babiesareus' 'babys-are-us' 'babies-are-us' 'babys are us' 'babies are us' 'wwwbabiesrus'
    • Use the Toys R Us trademark in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, copy or display URLs.
    • Perform direct linking PPC activity to the Toys R Us website, this includes using the Babies R Us website as a display URL or vice-versa.

    • Send traffic through automatic redirects on a website page.

Invalid Commissions

Currently ToysR Us and BabiesR US do not pay commission on the following:

  • Click and collect orders,
  • White label products from either / or
  • Games consoles or bundles containing consoles,
  • Part returned transactions,
  • and, Bounce back promotions.

Sales Validations

Toys R Us and Babies R Us validation period is 28 days. Exception to this is when an order contains a vendor direct product where delivery times may vary.

Product Feed Information

We have one feed containing both Toys R Us and Babies R Us product which is updated daily.

Sign Off and Creative

All email marketing must be signed off by Toys R Us.

Affiliates may not alter any of the banners made available through the programmeme.

Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their own websites, so updates made

to those available through the network may take immediate effect.

Please contact your CJ account manager to obtain permission before putting hardcode banners in

place as this will allow them to be able to contact you whenever updates are necessary.

Affiliates found infringing these terms will be warned and may have commissions declined.

Voucher Code Policy

Toys R Us operates a closed voucher code group and only works with exclusively selected voucher code sites.

If an affiliate promotes a voucher code without Toys R Us' permission or picking it up through the network; then commissions for the duration of the voucher code will be declined.

From time to time we will provide individual affiliates with exclusive voucher codes.

We will not pay commission on bounce back promotions.

Toolbars and Browser Plug-ins

Affiliates are not permitted to promote or through any toolbar or plug-in.

Display Activity

Affiliates are not permitted to promote Toys R Us or Babies R Us via display advertising.

Social Media

Affiliates are not permitted to advertise their own websites by posting on Toys R Us's official Facebook wall:

Affiliates are not permitted to pose as Toys R Us on Facebook.

Affiliates are allowed to advertise Toys R Us or Babies R Us on their own branded Facebook pages.