World Book Day: Survey Results

To celebrate World Book Day’s 20 year anniversary, we asked a group of parents about their experience reading to their children. With 1,500 participants getting involved, we’re excited to share the top reading trends and how our little book worms balance a love of reading with busy modern life.

Life is more hectic than ever in the world we live in. More than half of those who took our survey declared that modern life has a habit of getting in the way of reading with their kids.

Contrastingly, 52% stated that reading is one of their children’s favourite hobbies. On top of that, more than half of the parents whom we surveyed can’t bear to miss a single night reading to their child.

However, we can’t escape the rise of technology and the impact this is having on how children interact with books. 39% of parents find it hard to tear kids away from TVs, tablets, phones and computers.

Despite the popularity of e-readers, it seems traditional books are still reigning supreme when it comes to children’s literature. A huge 71% of parents said they will only ever buy paper books.

Do the children you know have more toys than they can play with? Well 90% of parents were confident that their kids would be thrilled to receive books as a gift.

A small amount of those surveyed thought that their children preferred the movie versions of their favourite stories. This shows how much enjoyment our kids get from using their imaginations and visualising stories.

There’s no shortage of new and exciting children’s books out there. So it’s phenomenal to see that a whopping 70% of respondents felt that classic children’s stories were still a firm favourite when it comes to reading to kids today.

We learnt that 70% of today’s parents bring stories to life, putting on voices and acting out characters whilst reading to their kids. It’s refreshing that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make story-time even more exciting.

We're thrilled to see that reading still plays an essential part in many of your routines despite the distractions of life in the 21st century. If you’re keen to find out more statistics around children’s reading habits, the International Publishers Association has pulled together more exciting insights into the impacts of reading.

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Unfortunately, illiteracy is still a difficulty we must contend with in the UK. This guide from Save the Children on how reading can end poverty gives great insights into how we can help educate and protect kids today.

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We hope you all have a wordy and wonderful World Book Day and manage to make time to share your favourite childhood stories with your little ones.

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