The Good Baby Monitor Guide

As with any tech purchase, it is easy to get blinded by the science. Do you need quadraphonic stereo sound and thermal imaging cameras developed for the Apollo 11 moon landing to keep baby safe, or is a simple audio signal just fine?

The truth is, it depends on your preference, your home and your budget. Although some parents are happy with the basic function of just hearing baby breathing (and crying – which may be quite a lot!), many prefer the added comfort that being able to see baby in their Moses basket or cot brings.

Thanks to Tim Glanfield!

On top of this, many baby monitors have a range of handy functions that can: alert parents to changes in temperature in their baby’s room; enable parents to talk to their child from another room; light up the baby's room with a nightlight, sound out of range alarms, play automated lullabies – and detect baby's movement using sensor pads that will monitor the baby’s physical well-being.

But while you’re picking handy extras (and in my opinion they really are handy), don’t forget the basics. How big is your house (so is the range large enough?) and do you intend to move around a lot with the baby monitor (does the receiver take batteries?) Believe me, these are really worth considering.

So, if you’re ready - let’s begin shopping for your perfect baby monitor…

Digital Baby Monitors

Digital Baby Monitors

These monitors offer more channels and clearer sound.

Modern digital baby monitors offer a crystal clear connection with baby, virtually no interference from other devices (including mobile phones and WiFi) and much longer ranges than their analogue cousins.

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Video Baby Monitors

Video Baby Monitors

These monitors allow you to hear and see your baby.

Baby may be crying, but with just audio, you can't see what they are doing. A digital video baby monitor solves that problem and offers extra peace of mind to a new parent who quite rightly feels uncomfortable being too far away from little one. Video monitoring really comes into its own when baby starts moving around more in their cot.

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Sensor Baby Monitors

Sensor Baby Monitors

These monitors use a sensory pad to pick up baby's movements.

A pressure pad beneath the mattress connects to the main baby monitor unit and detects when movement stops, sounding an alarm and immediately alerting the parents. In the event that baby does stop moving for a long period or stop breathing – these devices are designed to immediately detect such changes and summon help fast.

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