Cot and Cot Bed Mattresses Comfort Safety
Cot bed mattress washable cover

Removable Washable Cover

Ideally a baby cot mattress should have a removable washable cover.

It should be washable at 60 degrees centigrade to kill dust mites. Dust mites are the greatest source of allergens for a growing child.

Washing also removes other pathogens considered potentially harmful to the child. At Babies R Us our cot mattresses are either sealed so that they can be washed down or they have removable covers.

Easycare™ Cover

To help with your hygiene regime we have created the Easycare cover.

This is an inner non removable cover which greatly helps with the removal and replacement of the outer cover. While the outer cover is in the wash the cot bed mattress can still be safely used with just the inner Easycare cover. The Easycare cover is vapour permeable but water repellent, helping to keeping the core of the mattress clean and free from contamination.

Cot bed mattress


Babies R Us are the first to offer the Ellergenic mattress. This has a sealed Ellergenic inner cover using an advanced multi layered fabric and an outer wellbeing exterior which uses a probiotic treatment to actively combat dust mites and fungi. It also combats pathogens such as Staphylococcus Aureaus and Escherichia Coli, pathogens which are believed to be potentially harmful to the infant.

For this reason it is the only cot mattress endorsed by Allergy UK.


House Dust Mites and Fungal Spores

House dust mites are an ever present guest in our homes. They love heat and humidity and unfortunately this makes cot mattresses an ideal place for them to live, feed, and breed. They are invisible to the naked eye.

These should not be confused with bed mites which are visible blood sucking creatures. However these have largely been eradicated in the UK due to modern hygiene.

Cot bed mattress

House dust mites eat skin cells and use a potent digestive enzyme to break these down. This enzyme is a leading cause of asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis. House dust mite allergy is a chronic condition which can develop into allergic asthma. In young children this can have a detrimental effect on both learning and development. The symptoms may not appear straight away but sensitivity can build up in the infant and manifest itself when the child is of school age.

Fungal spores are another potential allergen for the child. Again, invisible to the naked eye, fungus can grow microscopically in the warm humid conditions of the cot mattress.

By fighting these allergens at an early age the child will have less risk of developing asthma later in life.

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