Schleich Holstein Bull

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Schleich Holstein Bull
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This wonderfully realistic Schleich Holstein Bull animal figure is made of high quality vinyl and hand painted with non-toxic paint. Holstein cows are black and white bovines that chew the cud, and chew and chew. Holstein bulls and cows are the most popular breed of cattle in the world. They were first bred in The Netherlands and then brought to America in 1857. Holsteins are immediately recognisable by their black and white colouring - the stereotypical farm bull and cow.

Today farmers raise Holsteins for their amazing milk-producing ability: the average cow produces 3,250 gallons of milk a year! They live three to four years, but some have been known to live much longer. Cattle have four stomachs. They graze on a combination of grasses and hay; once the food passes through their first stomach, it's called cud. This cud gets pushed back into their mouth, and the cattle chew on it all day until it is ready to go through the other three stomachs. It almost looks like they're chewing gum! A Holstein cow produces almost thirty-six quarts of milk per day.

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Our recommended age is 3 years +

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